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About Baby Lock

What is Baby Lock?
Baby Lock is a world-class brand of overlock sewing machines manufactured
to the highest standards in Yamagata.

Introduction video of Baby Lock factory

Commitment to Fundamental Quality

Fundamental quality refers to the quality our customers expect from our industrial machines, such as the elegant stitching, product durability and low failure rate. The body frame and main parts of Baby Lock products are manufactured and assembled under a consistent quality control system by the Suzuki Machinery Co., Ltd.

Commitment to Attractive Quality

Attractive quality refers to a level of quality and design creating more comfortable, enjoyable and extraordinary versatile products. Since releasing the world’s first household compact overlock sewing machine in 1968, we have been focusing on developing functions making our machines more convenient and enjoyable to use, such as Revolution Air threading, Automatic Thread Delivery System, and Wave Lock.

Commitment to Japanese Quality

Japanese quality refers to that special quality of Baby Lock products which ensures the outstanding worldwide reputation of this much loved and respected Made in Japan brand.
After assembly every Baby Lock product is subject to a final stringent quality inspection to guarantee only the most thoroughly fine-tuned Baby Lock products are delivered to our customers.

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