World’s Most Advanced Overlocker

With just a gust of air, Extraordin Air system takes thread through all loopers instantly.

・Insert thread 1 cm at the port
・Push button
・Threads fly out from loopers

Rolled wave stitch

Wave stitch

Wave stitch

Thread delivery system gives the wavy stitch showing upper thread and lower thread in turn. Decorative threads like metallic thread or wooly thread makes wave stitch more attractive.

8-thread stitch

7-thread stitch

6-thread stitch

4-thread overlock stitch

3-thread overlock stitch

2-thread overlock stitch

Narrow rolled stitch

4-thread seaming

3-thread seaming

2-thread flatlock stitch

Rolled hem seaming

Wave stitch

Rolled wave stitch


Wave Selector Lever & Overlock Stitch Selector

Easy to change the stitches by levers

Automatic Thread Delivery System

Automatic thread delivery system gives a perfect balanced stitch on any fabrics with any types of threads. Additional fine tuning knob changes the balance slightly for particular fabric or thread.

Differential Feed System

Differential feed system makes fabrics gathered, compressed or eased with the differential feed lever setting.

Stretchy fabric : Compressed sewing

Delicate fabric : Eased sewing

Safety stopper system

The machine stops automatically during opening of front cover or side cover.

For cover stitch

Wide (6.0mm) and narrow (3.0mm) cover stitch width are available. An additional sewing table for cover stitch is stored in a box.

Stitch width adjusting dial

Easy change by dial from maximum 7.5mm to minimum 3.0mm at the overlock sewing.


Stitch length dial

Easy change by dial from maximum 4.0mm to minimum 0.75mm. This dial includes automatic rolled hem setting.

Cutting blade lock switch

“LOCK” position provides non-cutting mode.


Needle threader

Needle threader helps threading into needles.

Opening covers

Knife cover and side cover are designed to open for easy access to the inside machine.


Spool pin extension table & thread guide extension

For 8/7/6-thread sewing, attach spool pin extension table & thread guide extension.

LED lighting system

3 of LED light is bright around needles.