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Euphoria BLC4

Euphoria BLC4

The Baby Lock Euphoria cover stitch machine brings you to a new level of sewing experience.
With ExtraordinAir® Threading system, which threads the chain looper with just the touch of a button.
The Needle Automatic Thread Delivery System you can thread the needles in any order and be ready to stitch with no tension adjustments.
Convenience to handle on large projects with a wider sewing space. Enjoy the sewing time with Baby Lock Euphoria.

Unprecedented Cover Stitch
Experience with Euphoria

  • Needle Automatic Thread Delivery™ (ATD) System
    The Euphoria delivers a balanced stitch on any fabric with any type of thread with no needles tension adjustments.
  • ExtraordinAir® Threading
    With just a simple press of button, ExtraordinAir® instantly takes thread through the looper. Threading has never been this easy!
Needle Threading System

Using the needle threader for quick and easy threading of each needle with just 3 simple steps.

  • Adjustable Presser Foot Height up to 5.5mm
    Euphoria features a higher presser foot height (5.5mm) to effortlessly handle thicker and loftier fabric.
  • Drop Feed System
    When you raise the presser foot, the feed dogs lower automatically which helps thick fabrics fit under the presser foot.
  • Built-In Accessory Storage
    Storage of tools such as screwdriver, tweezers, etc. A magnet plate on top of the storage provides a stable place for needles.
  • Differential Feed
    The Differential Feed System create gathering and stretching effects for different type of fabrics.
  • Knee Lift
    Raise the presser foot by simply moving the attachable lever with your knee. This leaves both of your hands free for extra control on stitches.
  • Safety Device
    Euphoria can’t start sewing with any situations below. 1.Presser foot in up-position. 2.Side cover open. 3.Front cover open.
  • Cover Stitch Chaining Off
    Euphoria creates chain off the cover stitch which give a simple and easy finish.
  • Wider Sewing Space
    Convenience to handle on large projects with a wider sewing space.
  • Tubular Looper
    The tubular looper protects the thread with no exposed thread guides.
  • Pure Lighting – 3 LED Lights
    Three bright LED lights let you see the stitch, fabrics and threads clearly.
  • Convenient Presser Foot Lever
    An easy-access presser foot lever on the right side of the machine lets you quickly make adjustments.
  • Chain/Cover/Looper Tension System
    A convenience dial for adjust the tension of the chain/ cover stitch looper thread.

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