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Enlighten BLE3ATW-2

Enlighten BLE3ATW-2

Introducing the Enlighten serger from Baby Lock

How can Baby Lock improve sergers even more?
Let the new Enlighten serger show you how!
This revolutionary serger features the latest in threading technology, ExtraordinAir™ Threading.
With just one push of a button, ExtraordinAir takes your thread through all loopers at once, instantly, with a gust of air.
After threading, serge tension-free with the Automatic Thread Delivery System™.
Stitches are illuminated with the new Pure Lighting.
Plus, expand your creative options with the exclusive Wave stitch.
With so many innovations, the Enlighten will teach you just how easy serging can be.

ExtraordinAir™ Threading

With just a gust of air, ExtraordinAir takes thread through all loopers instantly.
Threading has never been this fast, easy or extraordinary.

  • Automatic Thread Delivery™ (ATD)
    Set the Enlighten to the type of stitch you want and serge. The Enlighten will deliver a balanced stitch on any fabric with any type of thread. It even goes from one fabric type to another without skipping.
  • Differential Feed
    Baby Lock took the differential feed mechanism to a new level by adding a single unit feed dog mechanism.
    This ensures stronger feeding as well as more consistent gathering on all fabrics.
  • Needle Threading system
    Needle threading is quick and easy.
  • Presser foot height up to 6mm
    Presser foot height changed to 6.0mm. With this change, it became easier to set thick fabrics.
  • Dial Adjustable Stitch Length and Automatic Rolled Hem
    Stitch length can be easily adjusted on the enlighten using one dial. This dial includes an Automatic Rolled Hem setting that will retract the built-in stitch width finger for a rolled hem finish.
  • Thread Delivery Unit for the Wave Stitch
    For a stitch as unique as the Wave Stitch, Baby Lock wanted to ensure that each one would be even with the next. To do so, they created a thread delivery unit to give each one a flawless look.
  • Safety Switch
    With the side cover, and the front cover open, the sewing machine is locked and can’t start sewing. These will help you to use it more securely when using your overlock sewing machine.
  • Pure Lighting with 3 LED Lights
    Clearly see every stitch, fabric and thread color under three bright LED lights.

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