The first household sewing machine for traditional hand-stitch; Sashiko.

Now you can enjoy a hand-stitched Sashiko touch for patchwork quilting. It is speedy and precise stitching.

Baby Lock Sashiko bears a hand-stitched touch Sashiko stitch with a unique needle system and only one thread.


Stitch length & stitch spacing control

Create short or long stitches or spaces with the adjustable lever from 2mm to 5mm.

Free-Flow Sewing

The adjustable presser foot height allows ease of turning fabric, stitching circles, squares and other shapes for complete control.

LED Monitor

This unique system allows you to easily recognize when the needle is creating a stitch or space. Besides, once trouble is happened, the orange light flushes and warn you.

Blue light:
power switch is ON

Orange flush:
safety system is ON

Specialty Stitch Mode (One Stitch Mode)

The specialty stitch mode is useful for braiding, couching, cross-stitching, and one stitch sewing where a complete cycle (one single stitch and spacing) is desired.

For single cord

For double cords crossing


Example for cross-stitching;
The machine stops after one stitch and spacing on this mode, and then you cross the cord(s) left and right by hand(s) just in front of needle.

Presser foot pressure dial

You may adjust the pressure of presser foot with turning the dial.




hand-stitched touch Sashiko stitch
 Stitch length  2.0 – 5.0mm
 Stitch spacing  2.0 – 5.0mm
 Sewing speed  400 s.p.m.
 Needle  Needle QKx1 #18 Latch wire
 Number of thread  One (1) thread
 Measurement  215mm x 490mm x 345mm
 Weight  12.7kg
Optional Accessory

Single downturn feller
PDF instruction manual

Single fold bias binder
PDF instruction manual

Double fold bias binder
PDF instruction manual

L&R Quilting guide

PDF instruction manual



 Light weight