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Ovation BLES8 Variation of stitch

Ovation BLES8 Variation of stitch

Overlock, wave lock, cover stitch, combination stitch. Because Gloria is a multifunctional machine with 8 threads,
it can deal with everything and can provide variations of various seams.

  • 4-thread Overlock

  • 3-thread Overlock

  • 2-thread Overlock

  • 3-thread Narrow/Rolled Edge

  • 3-thread Wave Stitch

  • 3-thread Rolled Wave Stitch

  • Chain Stitch

  • Cover Stitch Wide

  • Triple Cover Stitch

  • 5-thread Safety Stitch

  • 7-thread Cover Stitch Wide + 4-thread Overlock

  • -thread Triple Cover + 4-thread Overlock

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